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What are the effectiveness of the polypeptide
Tuesday 22nd August 2017

The basic genetic makeup is an amino acid polypeptide: peptide material on the role of nutrition in addition to a general protein, the human body also has a very important and irreplaceable regulating role, which involves almost all physiological activities. Such as: endocrine, nervous, digestive, absorption, metabolism, circulation, growth and reproduction and so on. Example: polypeptide is commander of the immune system. Help the body fight harmful bacteria and prevent infectious diseases in our body, there are a variety of substances, which the human body like an army, always protect our bodies each is surprised with the proper functioning of the organization, when we When the organization is surprised by the external, internal and attacked by the active polypeptide as a commander, the timely transmission of information to protect our troops, and our bodies move regulators of various substances, replenish the body's energy, eating harmful bacteria, improve immunity force, repair and maintain the body's balance, so as to defeat foreign enemies; therefore, the polypeptide has been hailed as the body's "messengers", "body battlefield commanders." Example 2: polypeptide is the transfer member of nutrients, the nutrients from the body deep into the skin to human skin is composed of a variety of nutrients, as part of nutrient molecules to reduce or inactive, it will make our skin aging, loss balance or cell disease, face polypeptide molecules very active, as members of the body of the transfer, to keep abreast of the status quo skin nutrients and the missing skin to skin deep, skin play a timely and comprehensive nutrition from the inside out add. Example 3: polypeptide is Regulators section member of the human endocrine system, because you can balance the body's endocrine disorders caused by endocrine many, the most important is the male and female hormone imbalance, hormonal imbalance, etc., and active peptides in the human body as a regulator member, play balance, regulation of endocrine responses make the best condition. So active polypeptide is the human body essential nutrients, but it is also the body's commander, member of the transmission, regulators, is an essential activity of the molecule. High-tech explosive bring economic development and improving people's economic life, for improving their health status had a higher demand. Quality of life has become an important indicator of the standard of living. Application development is only one active peptide start, no doubt, complex glycopeptides will be one important direction. We know Chinese traditional medicine is a great treasure. extracts the active crude drug ingredient, the combination of the bio-engineered active peptide is the direction of health food development. such as Ganoderma lucidum, Cordyceps polysaccharides, peptides with high-tech means and together form a glycopeptide, to form a high content, easily absorbed, function and other characteristics of health care products. We firmly believe that the development of short peptides bound to the health of bioengineering people across the country and make a real contribution to the cause.