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Peptides change the way human life
Thursday 20th July 2017

Peptides change the way human life

21 century, most human diseases will be caused by lifestyle diseases. Polypeptides play a significant power improvement and adjustment in people's lifestyles.
With the development of economy, life is rich, people are changing their life style unconsciously to suit the modern society, modern culture and modern environment.. Modern lifestyle changes such as: fast pace of life, pressure, work and social activities accounted for 2/3 of a day. In accordance with the rules of living in the Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine "is with the replacement of the sun and the moon, the get up, sunset that sleep, only then can the laws of life, only physically healthy. Chinese medicine that: to men, for example, men's night is Yang, and the day is the release of Yang, modern people is exactly the reverse of what the, that do not sleep at night, all night long, during the day can not afford to reverse black and white, yin and Yang is not moved, yin and Yang, the two failure. From the diet, people in the past, most of which are mainly vegetarian, and most modern people are mainly based on meat, meat and unbalanced; past people entertain guests have a meal, mostly in the home and treat yourself to do, the modern people treat mainly in hotels, restaurants, please, a la carte rarely vegetable, the vegetable dish is also oil bubble. Every dinner, food, beer, drinks containing sugar drank potbellied man; past action by walking or riding a bike, this is the best exercise movement, are now being replaced by car; labor into automation, especially in mental workers, write article need not memorizing words and dictionary, so long as a computer, know how to search engine can conveniently used, there are many even heads does not need to be moved. All movements are replaced by modern tools and human energy metabolism, metabolism, are in the disordered state. More than human lifestyle changes, caused many modern diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipemia, hyperglycemia, cancer, arteriosclerosis, heart disease, stroke, death, death from overwork and so on. These are growing at a rate of 23% each year, which seriously threatens the health of human beings, and has brought tremendous pressure and burden to the society.