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100IU Yellow Top HGH
100IU Yellow Top HGH
100IU Yellow Top HGH Keywords:hgh,gh,red top,191aa Recominant human growth hormone for injection Anti-aging and fitness Suggestion:Research Use Only other brand:blue top,Kigtropin,Jintropin,HUMATROPIN ,Nordictropin,hygetropin
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Product name:100IU Yellow Top HGH

Keywords:hgh,gh,red top,191aa


GH Series:

No. Name Spe
CZG-HGH01 HGH blue top(green/yellow/green/red) 10iu/vial,10vial/box
CZG-HGH02 Kigtropin 10iu/vial,10vial/box
CZG-HGH03 Humatropin 10iu/vial,10vial/box
CZG-HGH04 Humatropin 8iu/vial,25vial/box
CZG-HGH05 Nordictropin 10iu/vial,10vial/box
CZG-HGH06 Hygetropin 10iu/vial,10vial/box
CZG-HGH07 Igtropin 100mcg/vial,10vial/box
CZG-HGH08 igf green top 100mcg/vial,10vial/box
CZG-HGH09 Igtropin 1000mcg/vial,10vial/box
CZG-HGH10 igf green top 1000mcg/vial,10vial/box


Human Growth Hormone has in recent years been deemed the fountain of youth, and as we look at the effects of HGH it’s not too hard to see why. Will it prevent aging? Absolutely not, but it can undoubtedlymake the aging process far more manageable. In short, there are very few healthy adults who would notbenefit from HGH supplementation, and this includes not only in a performance setting but in all walks of life. To give you a direct understanding or appreciation, the effects of Human Growth Hormone can include the following in both men and women:
1.Decreased Body Fat
2.Enhanced Ability to Maintain Proper Body Fat Levels
3.A Tighter Physique
4.Enhanced Metabolic Rate
5.Enhanced Sense of Wellbeing
6.Healthier Skin
7.Improved Sleeping Patterns
8.Increased Bone Strength
9.Increased Energy
10.Increased Joint Strength
11.Increased Lean Tissue Growth
12.Increased Rate of Physical Recovery

Suggestion:Research Use Only



1. Supply raw materials and mixed ingredients accodirng to yout formula 
2. Make finished products with professional formula, design and other information 
3. Different spefications or forms as your requirement, pills, capsules in bottles or packs 
4. Print the customized labels and pack products according to your requirements 

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I m keeping business with this company from last year, Im always very happy with their product. Thanks agine

—— Robert From US

I got my package. Very fast. First time. No hassles. Thank you for your patience. I will be making some more orders soon
—— Luis From Australia

Have purchase with Jackson he is so faster to contact best quality products ! 100% satisfaction
—— Rafael from Brazil

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