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Classification of peptides and their products
Friday 11th August 2017

Peptides, the protein of amino acids (minimum units of protein) in 2-10. These peptides can be divided into two peptides (two amino acids), three peptides (containing three amino acids) and four peptides with the number of peptides containing amino acids....... Because each peptide each are not identical, different peptide also has different effects: such as the promotion of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid proliferation, increased with thickness of skin and fine lines, reduce anti carbonylation, anti-oxidation, anti glycation and anti edema and blocking MSH (melanocyte stimulating hormone) transmission, reduce the formation of melanin. But it is the most important and most important is to have smooth wrinkles, to prevent the role of expression patterns. The action period of peptides was 28 days, so the product with peptides had 28 days after the product needed to achieve the best effect..
To sum up, there are 5 main types of:
1 the inhibition of snare of synthesis, inhibition of skin of catecholamines (catecholamine) and acetylcholine (acetylcholine) the excessive release of partial blocking neurotransmission message of muscle contraction, leather soil nerve conduction, facial muscles relax, to soothe the dynamic pattern, static state lines and fine lines.
These peptides are:
Two peptides (diaminobutyroylbenzylamide Dipeptide, nickname
Five peptides (Pentapeptide-3, nickname
Hexapeptide (Acetyl HEXAPEPTIDE-3 = Ac-EEMQRR-NH2, nickname
Seven peptides (Heptapeptide, nickname
Eight peptides (Octapeptide-3 Acetyl, nickname
2, promote collagen, elastic fiber and hyaluronic acid hyperplasia, improve the skin moisture content, increase skin thickness and reduce fine lines.
These peptides are:
Five peptides (Pentapeptide-3 =Palmitoyl-KTTKS Palmitoyl, nickname
Hexapeptide (Hexapeptide-10, nickname
Oligonucleotide peptide
3, anti carbonylation, protection of collagen will not be activated carbon radical damage, promote collagen III growth; antioxidant; anti glycosylation.
These peptides are:
Two peptides (nickname
Three peptides (nickname
Three peptides (Tong Shengtai
4, anti edema, improve microcirculation, strengthen blood circulation, eliminate inflammation.
These peptides are:
Four peptides
Four peptides
5, blocking the conduction of MSH (promote black hormone), and reduce the melanin generation opportunity
These peptides are:
Nine peptides